1196 Water Street

Miramichi, New Brunswick, E1N 1A2

11:42:16 to 9:12:37

Mini-Putt & Ice Cream


2018 Flavours

  1. BANANA - Banana Flavoured Ice Cream
  2. BIRTHDAY CAKE - Cake Batter Flavoured Ice Cream, Blue Icing Swirl, Rainbow Candy Sprinkles (Soy)
  3. BLACK RASPBERRY CHEESECAKE - Cheesecake Ice Cream, Raspberry Swirl
  4. BLUEBERRIES & CREAM - Blueberry Ice Cream, Blueberry Ripple
  5. BUBBLE GUM - Bubble Gum Ice Cream, Bubble Gum Pieces (Gluten,Wheat,Soy)
  6. BUTTER PECAN - Buttery Flavoured Ice Cream, Roasted Pecans (Nuts)
  7. BUTTERSCOTCH RIPPLE - Vanilla Ice Cream, Butterscotch Swirl
  8. CAMPFIRE S'MORES - Choc. Roasted Marshmallow Flavour Ice Cream, Choc. Graham Crunch Pieces, Marshmallow Pieces & Swirl (Gluten,Wheat,Soy)
  9. CHERRY VANILLA - Vanilla Ice Cream, Maraschino Cherry Pieces
  10. CHOCOLATE - Really!!! Do I need to tell you?
  11. CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH - Vanilla Ice Cream, Cookie Dough, Chocolate Chips (Gluten,Wheat,Eggs,Soy)
  12. CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER CUP – Chocolate Ice Cream, Peanut Butter Ripple, Peanut Butter Filled Choc. Cups (Peanuts,Soy)
  13. COCONUT MACAROON - Coconut Ice Cream, Toasted Coconut Flakes, Chocolate Ripple
  14. COFFEE - Rich Coffee Flavoured Ice Cream (Sulphites)
  15. COTTON CANDY – It's Pink, It's Sweet, & It's The Top Seller
  16. COOKIES & CREAM - Vanilla Ice Cream & Oreo Style Cookie Pieces. (Gluten,Wheat,Eggs,Soy)
  17. DEATH BY CHOCOLATE - Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream, Fudge Swirls, Brownie Chunks, Dark Chocolate Chunks (Gluten,Wheat,Eggs,Soy)
  18. DOUBLE CHOCOLATE MOUSSE - White Chocolate Mousse Ice Cream, Milk Chocolate Mousse Ice Cream
  19. GOLD MINE – Chocolate Ice Cream, Caramel Ice Cream, Caramel Ripple
  20. GRAPE NUT - Grapenut Ice Cream, Crunchy Grapenuts Cereal (Gluten,Wheat)
  21. HEAVENLY HASH - Chocolate Ice Cream, Marshmallow Swirl, Chocolate Chips, Almond Pieces (Nuts,Soy)
  22. HOOF PRINTS - Toffee Ice Cream, Fudge Swirl, Caramel Filled Chocolate Cups (Soy)
  23. ICE CREAM SANDWICH - Vanilla Ice Cream, Ice Cream Sandwich Wafers (Soy,Gluten, Wheat)
  24. MANGO - Mango Flavoured Ice Cream
  25. MAPLE WALNUT - Maple Ice Cream, Walnut Pieces (Nuts)
  26. MINT CHIP FUDGE - Green Mint Ice Cream, Chocolate Chips, Fudge Swirl (Soy)
  27. MOON MIST - Banana Ice Cream, Grape Ice Cream, Bubble Gum Ice Cream
  28. MOUSSE ON THE LOOSE - Chocolate Pudding Frozen
  29. NEAPOLITAN - Chocolate, Vanilla & Strawberry All In One
  30. NEW YORK CHERRY CHEESECAKE - Cheesecake Flavoured Ice Cream, Cherry Ripple, Cinnamon Graham Crunch (Gluten,Wheat,Soy)
  31. ORANGE PINEAPPLE - Orange Flavoured Ice Cream, Citrus Chunks
  32. PEANUT BUTTER FUDGE CRUNCH - Peanut Butter Ice Cream, Fudge Sauce, Graham Cracker Crunch (Peanuts,Gluten,Wheat,Soy)
  33. PEANUT BUTTER HEAVEN - Vanilla Ice Cream, Peanut Butter Ripple, Chocolate Flakes (Peanuts,Soy)
  34. PRIVATEER'S BOUNTY-Vanilla Ice Cream, Black Licorice Swirl, Sea Salt Caramel Swirl, Crunchy Pieces (Nut,Soy)
  35. ROLO - Chocolate & Caramel Ice Cream, Mini Rolo Chocolates (Soy)
  36. RUM & RAISIN - Rum Flavoured Ice Cream, Plump Juicy Raisins
  37. SAILOR'S SEA SALT CARAMEL - Vanilla Ice Cream, Salted Caramel Ripple, Caramel Filled Chocolate Cups (Soy)
  38. SHARK BITE - Blue & Grey Raspberry Ice Cream, Raspberry Ripple
  39. STRAWBERRY - Strawberry Ice Cream, Chopped Strawberry Pieces
  40. TIGER - Orange Ice Cream, Licorice Swirl
  41. TOFFEE ALMOND CHILL - Butter Toffee Ice Cream, Roasted Almonds, Caramel Bits (Nuts,Soy)
  42. UDDERLY DIVINE - Vanilla Ice Cream, Fudge Swirls, Peanut Butter Filled Cups (Peanuts,Soy)
  43. VANILLA - Work with me people. It's Vanilla.
  44. CHOCOLATE MANIA YOGURT – Chocolate Yogurt, Fudge Ripple, Brownie Pieces, 60% Less Fat (Gluten,Eggs,Wheat,Soy)
  45. STRAWBERRY BLISS YOGURT - Strawberry Yogurt, Chopped Strawberry Pieces, 60% Less Fat
  46. "NO SUGAR ADDED"+“LACTOSE FREE” BLACK CHERRY - Sweetened with Maltitol & Sucralose (6g Per 1/2 Cup) Black Cherry Ice Cream, Black Cherry Chunks
  47. “NO SUGAR ADDED”+“LACTOSE FREE” VANILLA - Sweetened with Maltitol & Sucralose (7g Per 1/2 Cup)
  48. “DAIRY FREE” RAINBOW SORBET - An Orange, Raspberry and Lime mixture